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Instructor-U provides a personalised and specialist training program delivered by current and experienced British Skydiving Instructor Examiners using a proven structured syllabus to help achieve success on your BS Instructors course. Not only will our tailored and personalised training syllabus give you all the foundations, knowledge and skills required to pass your BS Instructors course, they’ll also provide the finishing touches to achieve a GOLD STANDARD. Work with passionate and dedicated professional multi-rated skydive Instructor Examiners who have a passion for sharing knowledge and aiding progression and safety within the sport. We offer the very best in prep for all BS Instructor courses from any BI course right through to IE.

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AFFI Course Beat Up

Tailored ‘Beat-Up’ packages can be arranged in the UK and abroad.

All ‘Beat-UP’ packages come with a structured jumping program. Thorough briefing and de-briefing is also included in order to maximise the targeted learning objectives of each jump.

‘Beat-Up’ camps can be arranged to last as long a time period as you would like. Individual and group packages are available.

External camera is a incredibly useful debrief tool. We can either provide this service at an extra cost, or you can arrange to take part with another candidate in order to keep costs down.

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Instructor University

Classroom and Ground Prep (All Courses)

All good Instruction and coaching begins with a strong depth of knowledge, understanding of and strong delivery of syllabus.

Tailored classroom and ground packages are available to maximise the chances of a successful BS Instructors course. This will provide a great introduction to your Instructional journey.

Packages are available to all levels and can even be provided as a training or auditing tool to the qualified Instructor looking to expand their teaching horizons.

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Instructor University

FS Coaches Rating Course

A five-day course tailored to give you all the skills required to be awarded with a Formation Skydiving coach rating. Applicants must be British Skydiving C licence and have two years experience in sport parachuting at the time of application.

By the end of the course the candidate will have achieved a thorough understanding of the Formation Skydiving coaching manual and training syllabus.

You will be competent in briefing and de-briefing jumps as well as displaying the flying and in-air coaching skills required to maximise your students progression and learning.

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Instructor University

Specialist Tunnel Coaching

Further details to follow and on request.

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Instructor University